Wow, this guy has four kidneys and three pancreas!


Carl Jones four kidneysNormally humans only have two kidneys and a pancreas. But not with this man. Carl Jones, 32 years old, currently has four kidneys and two pancreas.

Carl has two kidneys and two additional pancreas after undergoing transplantation. Instead of removing the organs that do not function, the doctor did not remove them in case if the transplant does not work well. As a result, Carl had to live his life with four kidneys and three pancreas.

“I have enough organ for a small family, this is crazy. The only negative effect is that I can not be skinny because that organ is on the stomach,” said Carl, as reported by the Mirror (22/03).

Carl suffers from type-1 diabetes since childhood and has spent a lot of time for dialysis. Kidney and pancreas transplantation was first done in 2004. Four years later the procedure was done again.

Currently Carl’s diabetes has healed and he can have a fairly normal life. Carl needed a new pancreas because he could not produce insulin. While the kidneys have been damaged by diabetes.

“I may have four kidneys and a pancreas. Yet people who donate their organs to me has all the heart,” he added, praising the organ donor who saved his life.