Wrinkles Caused By Sugar


sugar causes wrinkles Health Tips – Not only does id triggers diabetes, excessive sugar consumption can also lead to wrinkles.

If someone consumes a lot of sugar through out his/her life, it can make his/her skin dull and wrinkled. Besides diabetes, sugar also damage teeth.

Relationship of sugar and wrinkles is in the advanced glycation end products (AGEs), a molecule in the blood which is quite dangerous. The more sugar consumed by someone, the more AGEs are developed.

“The accumulating AGEs will damage protein next to it in a way like dominoes,” says Fredric Brandt, MD, a dermatologist from Miami, as quoted from AOLHealth.

Proteins that are most susceptible to damage from AGEs are collagen and elastin, namely the protein fibers that keeps skin firm and elastic.

Collagen is also the most common protein in the body. Once this protein is damaged, then the collagen and elastin become dry and fragile  causing wrinkles and sagging.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, the effects of aging begin to happen around the age of 35 and will increase rapidly after that.

“Besides damaging collagen, high sugar intake can also affect other types of collagen is a factor for determining how long someone’s skin can hold against wrinkles risks,” says Brandt.

Most collagen in the skin are types I, II. And type III which are also the most stable and has the longest survival. Glycation process of changing the type III collagen into type I are more fragile. If this happens, the skin will look wrinkled and feels less supple. One way to disable the AGEs is through a natural antioxidant enzymes in the body.

“Groups that often shows early signs of premature aging is a diabetic, but it also depends on how well the disease can be controlled,” says Karyn Grossman, a dermatologist in New York City and Santa Monica.

Try to minimize the amount of sugar intake into the body so it does not damage the skin.