Yellow glasses is best to protect eyes from UV rays


Yellow glasses

When out of the house or taking a trip to the beach or other hot places, most people use black sunglasses to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV) which is harmful.

But it turns out that it is a wrong method. The more appropriate way is wearing glasses with yellow or amber-colored lenses.

“Because yellow color is the color that can counteract or block the blue color of ultraviolet rays, thus preventing entry into our eyes,” said ophthalmologist, physician Elvioza SPM, Thursday (1/8).

Elvioza explained there are some color that functions to block other colors. While black can not block blue.

“The black color can not block the blue, so it could still enter our eyes and damage our eyes,” she explained.

In fact, she said, black color may block other colors of the spectrum of sunlight that may be harmful to our bodies.

Therefore to avoid the eyes from ultraviolet light in the sun’s heat, you should choose sunglasses with amber tinted lenses.