Yoga Gives Bad Effect On the Knee


yoga kneeYoga movements should be done with great discipline. One of the movement that is often done is sitting with your knees bent deep and long. Such movements could actually cause serious injury.

Indian orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal warned the bad effects of yoga on the knee that can cause injuries.

Dr Ashok gave this warning because he had done knee surgery on a number of prominent yoga teacher.

Dr Ashok finds extreme stretching exercises is the cause heavy pressure on the joints and leads to arthritis.

“Extreme postures like flexion in the knee, especially for those not used to doing it would be dangerous because it causes abnormal pressure and damage to cartilage and is dangerous,” said Dr Ashok according to the Telegraph.

Dr Ashok claimed to have seen a lot of problems in people who practice yoga in a class that contains more than 100 people.

“Many people are not adequately trained and then enter a yoga class and end up hurting themselves,” said Dr. Ashok.

Yet according to Dr Ashok, for the movements, people should first practice the early levels so they can perform posture like that without damaging their joints.

Teachers who suffered knee and joint problems are generally caused by Vajrasana movement or lightning position, which is sitting on their knees with the heel below the buttocks and then do a long fast pranayama breathing.

But according to the Yogalife instructor in India, Gupta Savira, risk of injury in yoga can be avoided. The trick is with a light workout before doing heavy training until the person is proficient.

“Anatomy is the key to teaching Yoga since everyone has a different body and different application. We must be extremely careful to teach attitude without hurting people who practice, everything must be done with the ability of each other’s bodies. With the proper treatment, injury during practice can be avoided, ” said Savira.