Yoga Helps People Stay Young


yoga stay youngIf you want to stay young, healthy, lively, and happy even when you have reached elder age, then you should start performing yoga diligently. Now is the time for you to start loving yoga. Why is yoga good for health? Because Tao Porchon Lynch, a 94-year-old grandmother, has proven that she is not only young and healthy. At the age of nearly a century, Tao is still looking lively, energetic, and happy. She was a teacher of yoga instructors who spread all over the world.

“I practice and serious in yoga for almost 70 years. Now I am still actively dancing waltz, samba, and cha-cha, to spend leisure time,” she said. In other spare time, Tao is still happy to do foxtrot or all the crazy things. She even describes when she is dancing tango, it is like drinking a glass of champagne.

Tao had practiced yoga since she was a young age in India. At the age of 30, she had moved to the United States and became a model and yoga instructor. There, around the 1960’s, after a career as a successful Hollywood actress and model, she quit and started working at Unitel to establish a television station in his homeland, India. Tao has been teaching yoga to her students in India, the United States, France, and several European countries. For 45 years, Tao teaches the techniques and spirit of yoga, including providing approximately 450 certificates to the students.

Yoga movements becomes one of the secrets of living a healthy, lively, and happy life for Tao. It is even known that yoga can make orgasm more powerful. Tao herself got a great spirit and energy to live. Every day, Tao taught his disciples to began at five o’clock in the morning. “I still do yoga before going to bed. And in the morning when I wake up, I keep the spirit of doing yoga with my students, “said Tao, who had a habit every day to get up at 5 am and goes to bed at midnight.

Tao said that at the age of 84 years old, her hip had experienced a total replacement. By a team of doctors who examined her, she was recommended to no longer actively do yoga. She must be very careful because the flexibility of her body is no longer the same as when she was younger. “I’m the kind of person who takes risks. I ignored the doctor’s advice, I proved it by a ballroom dancing. I prove that I was still lithe and agile in dancing, “she said.

On another occasion, Tao is still actively teaching yoga through a system of correspondence with his disciples abroad. She’s still flying back and forth just to teach yoga. “I am very stubborn about yoga. When people say do not ever do it (yoga), it challenged me to do and prove it,” said the grandmother with excitement, according to the dailymail.

There are many benefits of yoga, especially for your mind and soul. Try practicing it and feel the difference.