Yoga Improves Quality of Your Love Life


yoga coupleMany ways can be done to improve the quality of relationship with your spouse. One of them is by practicing yoga together.

According to yoga instructor, Simone Simon, yoga is not only good for mental and physical health, but acts to improve the quality of romance life.

Here are four reasons why yoga can improve the quality of your love life, according to Betty Confidential.

1. Practice patience
Do you experience difficulty in regulating emotions during a fight with your partner? Practicing yoga can make you more calm in facing problems with your partner. “The basic premise of yoga is to calm the mind and deepen understanding between couples,” said Simone.

2. Maintain emotional control
Without realizing it, perhaps you or your partner often say harsh and painful thing when arguing. You can handle it better by practicing yoga because yoga makes the control of emotions runs well.

According to Simone, a lot of problems in relationships are caused by the reaction to simple things. By changing the mental and physical energy, you will have a tendency to think and respond with consideration, not the mind for a moment that is misleading.

3. Creates a more coherent relationship
Mental exercisewill provoke you to see a relationship from various sides, not limited to an obsession to achieve happiness forever.

Simone explained that yoga helps couples get more meaning of a relationship. You will be trained to reduce thoughts of  what your partner is lacking of. This condition would make the relationship more focused on the future happiness and balance each other.

4. Increase desire for making love
The practice of yoga makes the body more flexible. Not only that, yoga allows you to direct the energy and do a ‘transfer’ of sexual energy so that the atmosphere of love is more passionate.