Yoga once a week help overcome back pain


Yoga once a week help overcome back painOne way to relieve lower back pain is yoga. However busy activity makes a lot of people can not join regular yoga class schedule that generally offers practice twice or more a week.

The good news, a recent study says for people who are really busy and want to save money without having to join a specific yoga class, permanent back pain can be relieved by doing yoga at home. In addition, yoga is still able to cope with back pain even if it is done only once a week.

“People with back pain who have lower income and solid activity can alleviate the condition just by doing yoga once a week,” explained researcher Dr Robert Saper of the Boston Medical Center.

As reported by Medical Daily, Dr. Saper explained that the benefits of yoga can still be felt even if only done once a week.

Back pain alone is a condition that can be experienced by a person due to the habit of sitting too long or in the wrong position. Some methods you can do to relieve these conditions are yoga, massage, or acupuncture.