Your children are picky eaters? Overcome this with this 6 tricks!


picky eaters

Children’s health is a priority for parents. So they are obliged to provide food that is healthy and full of nutrition for their children. However, many parents could not find a way to make their children eat as their children become picky eaters.

Are your children also picky eaters? Try to overcome this by doing these tricks, as reported from healthmeup.

Give food when they are hungry
A child will be more interested in food when they are really hungry. Hunger is then able to prevent them from picking foods.

Limit sugary foods and drinks
Eating sugary foods and drinks will make your child addicted, and this will make it difficult to provide healthy meals for them.

Be creative in food processing
Children love things that are colorful and has cute shapes. Therefore be creative in preparing food for your baby. You can make funny shapes to attract their interest.

Take them to shop
By taking your children shopping, then you give them the opportunity to learn about food. They also can choose the food that they eat and they will learn to be responsible for spending on it.

When eating, keep distractions away
Various kinds of interference when children eat like a television show or toys should be avoided. Because these things can break their concentration while eating.

Do not lure with prizes
To persuade you child not to be picky eaters, often parents persuade to give gifts. This habit can lead to an even more bad habit. You will make them become spoiled.

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