Your Guide to Clear Skin



From sweet seventeen to fabulous forty, acne is one common problem faced by people of both the sexes. A healthy, growing blemish-free skin free from impurities is desired by one and all. It enhances the personality of an individual and makes him feel more confident and presentable. Most often when we notice red boils or break-outs on our face we immediately react by squeezing them or breaking them. This results in either their expansion or patches or marks and sometimes causes infection too. Otherwise we tend to consult the dermatologist or use chemical rich creams which very often pose side effects. What we miss out on is the fact that this is an ailment which can be very easily cured at home. The secrets to a healthy skin are twofold

1) A Healthy diet

Ones skin very often reflects the condition of one’s body. If the body is not healthy, it shows on the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore requires extreme care. The skin is highly dependent on nutrition and if not fed the right nutrients in the right quantity, it is bound to rebel. This may be by producing excessive sebum, clogging the pores, reducing immunity etc.

Therefore we must feed our skin with appropriate nutrients. Acne occurs due to bacterial infection on the skin. Zinc is an anti bacterial agent and works wonders. It is to be necessarily present in the skin’s oil producing glands and so vegetables rich in zinc should be included in the diet. Deficiency in vitamin A causes acne too. Vitamin A forms the protective tissue of the skin and reduces sebum production. Foods rich in vitamin A viz. carrots etc, should be consumed. Pimples also heal quickly by the action of chromium, so its supplements should be taken. The consumption of excessively oil based foods should be avoided. Water detoxifies the skin and hence should be drunk plentifully.

2) Hygiene

The skin required proper care and maintenance. It is a very delicate organ of our body and the slightest of neglect can prove dangerous. Do not squeeze or break any pimples on the skin because this worsens the condition of the skin. The face directly interacts with the pillow case and towel daily, so it should be changed regularly and kept spick and span. If cosmetic brushes are used on the skin, they too must be cleaned. The skin generally does not entertain much make up. But if being used, it better be water based and washed before sleep. The face must be gently washed with cold water and a mild soap at least twice a day, rinsed and dried. The skin should not be exposed to the sun much as it increases the dryness of the skin and stimulates acne. Shaving with a shaving cream is usually encouraged as it prevents the pores on the skin from clogging preventing acne formation.

Acne cannot be completely prevented as sometimes it can also be the function of the hormones and are generally considered to be an indication of hormone secretion and growth and maturity. However one can reduce the intensity of acne formation following the above mentioned tip.